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Mobile Strategy…..Google Show the Way?

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Mobile Strategy…..Google Show the Way?

20/10/20/2016 posted by Paul Morrissey

In my Blog of 10th October entitled “Mobile Strategy…Do you Have One?” I talked about the importance of developing a Mobile strategy for your organization whether or not it be to increase sales, extend customer loyalty, acquire new customers or to protect your brand. Well this week the Internet giant Google moved their mobile strategy one step forward. Google have extended their search methodology to favor mobile first, this in fact means that Mobile searches will get preference over computer generated searches. The reason for this is that Google are looking at brand reputation and pull through sales, as many out of date web pages which are OK on a computer interface are not optimized for mobile presentation and therefore look terrible on the mobile interface. With 60% of us searching on Mobile now, and set to grow extensively over the next year, this is becoming a critical issue. Google have previously used algorithms to separate and provide higher page rankings for Mobile enabled sites but are now going the whole hog. Old non mobile friendly web sites will be reduced to second class surfing. This is all part of their ‘quicker-fresher’ drive that Google has announced which will in turn drive increased advertising revenues for the company.


The interesting component here is what opportunities will this surface for companies who are adopting this technology pivot early in their mobile journey (SEO and PPC). Let’s look at a few examples of how this can be used with an Advanced Analytics bias; Get to your customers quicker, deliver the right message and understanding brand risk, these are a few problems which companies need to address within this new Search domain. Is your organization ready to play here? Using the Problem Driven Innovation Analytics(PDIA) approach will help you ask the right questions at the right time before just jumping in.


If you are interested in exploring the Problem Dirven Innovation Analytics (PDIA) concept through the Lean Canvas methodology. I am more than happy to arrange a FREE one-hour taster session via remote webex please send your request to