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30/05/30/2014 posted by Paul Morrissey

I was asked recently at a Customer Experience Management conference to define Customer Experience in less than 50 words…’A Challenge indeed’. At the time I was standing in-front of over 150 eminent experts in the field and felt the next thing I said would make or break the presentation….a few deep thoughts and I came out with this…….

 “Customer Experience in the ‘delta’ between what a customer expect at the point of purchase and what is delivered……

 It has a half life of decay and this can be a positive or negative delta!”

 I still stand by that definition.,

 Further articulation can expand to:

 A customer experience is an interaction between an organization and a customer as perceived through a customer’s conscious and subconscious mind. It is a blend of an organization’s rational performance, the senses stimulated and the emotions evoked and intuitively measured against customer expectations across all moments of contact.


o   A customer experience is not just about a rational experience (e.g. how quickly a phone is answered, what hours you’re open, delivery time scales, etc.).

o   More than 50 percent of a customer experience is subconscious, or how a customer feels.

o   A customer experience is not just about the ‘what,’ but also about the ‘how.’

o   A customer experience is about how a customer consciously and subconsciously sees his or her experience.

 So how do you measure this across and enterprise and across a customer journey through the enterprise? Are these the same of different question?

Many modern Telco’s are struggling with this question but in fact the tools to answer this are at hand we need to measure the cognitive experience across the enterprise and the journey this involves collect data points from various episodes through the enterprise and collating and weighting these against the Customer to understand the experience of the individual customer but also of the general enterprise offering.

The Problem! This data lies in different environments within the Telco and is traditionally collected, manipulated and measured through a series of KPI’s, KQI’s in a departmental/operational fashion. Many of these KPI’s are is direct conflict e.g. a good score for a KPI’s in Customer Service is given for reducing ‘Mean time to Resolution’, however this is usually achieved through applying a credit to the customers account. If this credit is looked at through the KPI’s levied against the Finance department and EBIT then this is a bad score for a KPI! So conflict.

A better measure is to look at all of the data which makes up the Customer Touch Points (Journey) and compare this in reality against what the customers are saying! Listen to them! This requires a consolidated approach within a Telco to combine the disparate data and bring this to a single investigation point for Analysis…’This a Big Data Environment’.

Today this is a great challenge within traditional Telco’s where the date is kept in ‘Fiefdoms’ and breaking these down into a harmonized data strategy needs, not just C Level support, but in many cases C level intervention!

Big data and Advanced Analytic techniques and methodologies gives us an opportunity to examine and learn these customer behavioral attributes like never before so lets open our minds and start digging!